Volunteer Try Out at The Food Bank Singapore in June


Thinking more about food waste, what can we do....?

Try out the volunteer work at The Food Bank Singapore with us!


- Meeting directory at The Food Bank Singapore Office at Tanjong Pagar.

- Attendees will have 15 minutes lecture about "The food waste in Singapore and The Food Bank Singapore's work".

- Attendees* will be welcomed to work as volunteer at the The Food Bank Singapore Warehouse, we may ask some work to move bulky and heavy stuff too.

*More than 5 years old are kids are welcomed too.

-If you can't stay over 3 hours, do not worry please let us the duration that you can stay.


All volunteers are to be in covered shoes and comfortable wear.

Do bring along bottled water if required.

You can bring along face towel or clothes to change if required.

About Food Waste

According to the NEA(National Environment Agency), Singapore wasted approximately 790,000 tonnes of food in 2014....(Quoted from Channnel New Asia, please click their link to know more about the story.)

About The Food Bank Singapore

Probably the first question on your mind right now is "What is a food bank?"

To make it really simple, a food bank is a place where companies or people can come to deposit or donate their unused or unwanted food which will then be collected and allocated to the needy through a network of member beneficiaries such as family service centres, various types of homes, soup kitchens, and other VWOs.
As the price of food continues to rise, many middle to low income families have problems putting food on the table as salaries are not increasing as quickly. Moreover, based on our observation, we do know that there are pockets of unused food within the food industry that can most certainly be put to better use.

Therefore, based on our sincere passion for food, The Food Bank Singapore was set out by Nichol & Nicholas Ng. To find out more about The Food Bank Singapore, simply navigate www.foodbank.sg .

About Spoonful's Philosophy

Spooful's philosophy is "Food For Thought With a Smile ". Through Food & Cooking events, we want the society to pay attention to increase how precious food is and the origins of food. Leveraging on our F&B activities, we would like to increase awareness of people and communities in other part of the world where food is luxury. Let's change the world from your plate, kitchen and cooking, with us. We would like your culinary journey to start with the planting of seeds until the food is served on your plate. "Creating awareness one spoonful at a time".

Spoonful is one of the contributor of "The Food Bank Singapore"

Terms & Conditions

-Copyright of photos and video shooting taken by Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd) and its partners during the event will belong to Spoonful. Spoonful has the right to use the photos and video shooting for PR and marketing purpose.

-"Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd)" is not responsible for any accidents and illness caused during the volunteer work. Each attendee must take his/her own responsibility during the volunteer work.

-Spoonful will notify 3 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the volunteer work has to be cancelled.

-This volunteer work is opened only for above 5 years old and above.

-Spoonful will keep sending Spoonful's PR e-mail to all attendees after the event.

Wed Jun 21, 2017
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
39 Keppel Road #01-02/04, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065 Singapore
Opposite to the ex Tanjon Pagar Rail Station. Please find the passenser lift 6 and come to level 3 of the warehouse no. 39.